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Garden Coffee Tables

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Garden Coffee Tables

Shopping for a coffee table means looking for something which sits low on the ground, often taking up quite a large footprint with a wide surface area while also creating the illusion of different levels within its compact space. When shopping for a coffee table for an inside space, we tend to try and keep the surface and materials as neutral as possible to allow the eye to freely flow over and past the table around the rest of the room – however when it comes to a garden coffee table, buyers often find that they can afford to add a little more visual grandeur and interest to the overall appearance of the table.

One of the best ways to do this is with a structure which is a little more playful and vibrant, for example using a combination of a glass surface and rattan woven frame as is super popular across home spaces and holiday resorts, or else choosing something which is crafted from wood but adds different levels for items to be placed – making the overall look a little more exciting.

Things to consider when buying your garden coffee table

One of the first and most important things you need to consider with your garden coffee table is the size of the table, particularly in relation to the seating which you place around the outside of it. One of the things that buyers often overlook with coffee tables is the need for multiple users to be able to step around it to reach certain seats – meaning that the table needs to dominate the space but without completely eradicating space for movement.

Another factor to do with spatial awareness and the size of the table is the height of it, and how you want your seating or lounge space to look as a complete structure. Many buyers keep their garden coffee tables low to create a seamless flow of sight across the garden in its entirety, though others with very flat and low garden spaces like to opt for something a little higher to add some extra levels to the garden. We recommend giving thought not just to the location of the table in relation to the rest of the garden, but also thinking practically – for example, will you want to rest your feet on the coffee table when using the outdoor lounge area? Is the coffee table going to double as a dining space or is it purely for relaxation purposes? Do you have an area of exposed decking or patio which lends itself really well to a high end lounge area, or will the table be sat on grass?

The best designs of garden coffee table

The most popular garden coffee tables tend to be those which compliment the surrounding sofas and garden chairs, with many retailers now offering complete bundles and sets whereby the buyer can pick up a coffee table and matching sofa seating all crafted from the same material and with the same style of finish. In modern gardens, this tends to be natural materials with a very angular finish in terms of their shape, while more contemporary gardens are embracing more of a furnished fabric finish in line with the use of aesthetic to indicate usage.

Some of the best garden coffee tables are low and wide, though if you can find one with drawers or shelving built into the main structure then we tend to find that these are super practical. And lastly, give thought to the surface and how easy it will be to clean!

For the best range of garden coffee tables, head to garden and homeware centres.

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