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Speaker Stands

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Speaker Stands

Popular across homes and live music venues around the world, the value of speaker stands go much farther than just celebrating the aesthetics of the space and locating your high-tech speakers up high at eye level to be enjoyed visually. Speaker stands also improve the sound quality which comes from the speakers – optimising the reach of true surround sound and isolating the different speakers so they can be placed individually at the right height for the best quality sound for listeners.

Did you know that by placing speakers directly onto the ground, the vibrations become channelled into the ground which dulls the sound? By investing in a couple of good quality speaker stands, not only are you eradicating the potential of sound being lost, but you are able to fully control the direction in which the sound is sent.

What are speaker stands made of and what do they look like?

Think of speaker stands as somewhat of a mount for your speakers, often available at a multitude of heights which control the level at which the sound is put out. Ideally, for a living space where the most common use of sound is the television, you will want speaker stands which rest the speaker itself at ear level when sat on the sofa.

TOP TIP: You may think you need adjustable stands do you can raise the height of the speaker for your next party, but consider how this might impact your guests’ ability to hear each other during conversation. If the music is only intended as background noise, keep the speakers at a low level so they don’t invade the sound level at ear height.

In terms of material creation, the most robust speaker stands tend to be made from metal or wood, with the speaker plate at the top most often crafted from rubber. The finish you go for – whether metal or wood – will depend on the overall design aesthetic of your room, though most retailers do suggest that before purchase you ensure that the metal or wood is able to withstand the vibration of your specific brand of speaker – without disrupting the sound or knocking the speaker off its balance.

Things to consider before buying a speaker stand

Aside from allowing the sound itself to be projected to the right height, speaker stands offer a number of other benefits, but must be well researched before purchase. Some of the top considerations when buying your speaker stand include:

  • How does your speaker stand attach to the wall or the floor? Can it be mounted at the sides of your television, or does it come with a stable base which is heavy and wide enough that it can hold the speaker still?

  • Does the speaker stand have a weight rating which is high enough to safely hold your speaker? Contrary to many buyers’ beliefs, speakers come in a variety of weights and not all are suitable for every kind of stand.

  • Consider how you will manage the cables which come from the back of your speakers, and how they will attach to the television. It is no use purchasing speaker stands to sit either side of your sofa, if it means draping cables all the way across the floor.

  • Is your speaker stand built to support and tighten up the sound of the bass? If so, the entire sound quality will be improved for the listener, which can be key when listening to a bass-heavy song or watching an action movie.

  • Do the stands make your speakers look great? It’s not all about sound quality – especially in your home, it is important to ensure the design aesthetics are right as well.

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