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Pet Gates

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Pet Gates

Would you install a pet gate for the protection of your pet or for the protection of your home?

There are a variety of different reasons why homeowners invest in pet gates – whether it be to keep their dog downstairs and away from the beds and bedrooms, to keep a child and a pet separate while they get used to each other, and even to keep a small pet away from stairs which could otherwise harm them if they are not careful.

The fact is that the reasoning for buying and installing a pet gate may vary, but in all case the need for quality and ease of use is important to finding the right product.

Top benefits of installing a pet gate on day one

One of the major things that pet owners need to establish from day one is authority and the rules and regulations of the home. For a new pet, this means making them aware immediately of where they can go and where they cannot – rewarding them when they are in the right place, and immediately making them move away when they head for somewhere they are not supposed to go. In many cases, dogs are kept downstairs and thus away from any bedrooms and other space upstairs – and so for many homeowners, installing a pet gate is a good way of keeping them penned into that area.

Some homeowners may choose to take this further by keeping their pet (often dogs, though gates also work with smaller mammals) in a limited space or a certain set of rooms / one single room, where they will be both safe and contained.

The top benefits of installing these gates and establishing control are:

  • It will keep your pet in the right place, and if it doesn’t then you will likely be made aware when they have been somewhere they shouldn’t as pet behaviour is often very easy to read

  • It will keep your pet safe

  • Gates can be used to separate young children from boisterous pets, especially if you have to leave them alone for a few minutes

  • Gates help to protect a clean and tidy home, by containing the pet within a designated area.

Top considerations when installing a pet gate

Of course, as with any purchase of this nature there are things to consider – one of them being the assurance that installing a pet gate is not cruel, and you must not let your pet guilt you into believing that what you are doing is cruel. They will give you the puppy eyes – ignore them!

Another thing you need to take note of and consider is the way that a pet gate will interrupt your own daily life. By bringing a pet into your lives, you should be looking to expand your love and enjoyment, not putting obstacles all over your home which will eventually drive you mad. Take care to install gates only where and when they are needed, and when you select the ideal gate for you pick one that either you can step over or which you can open easily.

And finally, if you can step over, think how much effort it will take for your pet to find their own way over it. If it seems easy, you haven’t got the right gate and you need to go back to the drawing board.

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