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Raspberry Flavoured Windows

About me

Hi I’m Rachel but my friends call me Rach. Once described as Vivienne Westwood meets Audey Hepburn with a sprinkling of Margot Leadbetter I’m on a mission to help everyone create stylish, individual homes with a luxe vibe even if they’re on a budget through DIY tutorials and helpful ‘How To’s’. With over 20 years experience in retail and interior design I love sharing my passion for designing from a sensory perspective too. A mum of three sons, two with autism I’ve found interior design can reduce anxiety not only for those on the spectrum. I love exploring the design world which is why I love ufurnish.com so much, it’s a one stop home décor shop with styles and designs for all budget and a whole host of retailers to choose from. I started this blog back in 2017 as a way to share my years of knowledge within the interior design and home decor industry. With over 15 years experience including furniture design and a love of words I thought it about time I set pen to paper. Or tippy type on my laptop if we’re being being pedantic about it.

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