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5 Top Tips For Picking The Perfect Armchair

There really is nothing quite like sinking into a cosy armchair after a long day.

Whether you’re a fan of modern pieces, or prefer a more traditional option, picking the perfect armchair to suit your style, comfort and space is not always easy. It pays to consider several key elements before you commit to purchasing what can often be a statement piece. So, take a seat and read on as we share our top tips for selecting the perfect armchair.

1. Who is going to use the armchair?

First, you need to consider its primary use. Is the armchair there as a spare seat in your living room when you have visitors, or maybe as a relaxing space to read a book or do you simply want one to add a decorative element to your living room?

If your primary concern is comfort, ensure you have an idea of the features you like such as the height of the arms, the back, or whether you require a built-in or separate, matching, footrest. 

There isn’t simply one style of armchair – in fact, the armchair market is full of everything from wingback chairs to low back chairs, rocking style chairs and solid block shapes. Each style has its own genre and its own perfect setting so when purchasing your chair, ensure it’s fit for purpose and consider where you want it to live and how it will look in that space.

2. Don't be scared to have fun with colour and fabric

Options on colour, fabric and pattern really are limitless, but when picking your perfect armchair, consider choosing something which complements your sofa rather than matches, which can add interest and creativity to a room. An armchair allows you to be creative and add a splash of something bolder and maybe even a little daring.

You might choose a beautiful orange velvet, cosy tartan or even a vibrant print, selecting something you really love, which reflects your personality, but you wouldn’t dare use for a large sofa.

3. Browse different designs to find the perfect one to suit your home

There are numerous armchair styles, from a relaxing recliner to an upright woven rattan, you probably have a vision in your mind of the type of armchair you want.

If you choose something heavyweight then you will need to find it a permanent home, as moving it around your living room won’t be easy if it’s bulky and takes up a lot of space. Whereas something more lightweight can easily be repositioned depending on your needs.

It's important to spend some time looking at the different armchair designs so that you're confident in the decision you make. With over 110+ furniture retailers and all types and styles of armchairs, you'll be sure to find your perfect armchair with ufurnish.com...

4. Consider the space you have

If space is limited then there are plenty of options available to suit your requirements. Armchairs with slim arms and exposed legs can create the feeling of space and help make a room appear larger, whereas an armchair with very deep seats or wide-rounded arms can appear oversized and heavy in a small space. 

If you are really tight on space then an armchair big enough for two, appropriately known as a loveseat, could be used instead of a two-seater sofa or larger sofa, which take up more space. 

Before purchasing, make sure that you measure up before you buy anything, and ensure that your new armchair will fit both your style, and in the space you want it. Also remember to measure up the entrance way into your home to ensure your sofa fits through the door first of all!

5. Consider practicality and explore different fabrics

Although an armchair should last for many years, the type of fabric you select will make a difference to its longevity. Consider your lifestyle and select a fabric which suits - if you have small children or pets you may require something sensible and practical such as wipeable leather or washable covers, whereas a fabric armchair may be better suited for a grown-up room.

Follow on from these top tips and pick your perfect armchair by clicking here and browsing the thousands of styles ufurnish.com provides across the market. For more home top tips be sure to click here.


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