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Christmas Serving Dishes

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Christmas Serving Dishes

Serving up Christmas dinner is a mammoth task, both for the Chef and for the dishes that you load the food onto. Traditionally a large meal compiled of lots of different elements, we are continually finding that homeowners and buyers are seeking Christmas serving dishes which serve their main functional purpose but also add an element of decoration to the table – with the main concern of many buyers being that once the food has been removed from the dish and everyone has started eating, they want the dish to still blend well and match the decoration as it sits part-empty in the centre of the table throughout the meal.

Top uses of Christmas serving dish

The beauty of a serving dish, whether it’s designed for Christmas or not, is the versatility of the item. Whether it’s one large dish created to hold the turkey and surrounding trimming, or a series of smaller dishes which hold the different vegetable options and potatoes, the main job of a Christmas serving dish is to hold and keep the elements of the meal safe and well apart from each other, ideally without taking up too much table space.

One of the top end solutions we have seen as a space saver is a Christmas serving dish designed as one large structure with multiple compartments – allowing different elements of the meal to be kept apart with easy access for the entire table.

The other main use of Christmas serving dishes, besides their obvious job of serving and storing the food, is to act as part of the table’s main decoration. After all, the likelihood is that your serving dishes will sit in the centre of the table for at least part of the meal, and so they are what guests and diners will look upon as they enjoy their festive meal. You want to make sure you get the aesthetic and visual appearance spot on.

Choosing the right Christmas serving dishes

There are two main considerations to make when it comes to selecting the best Christmas serving dishes for your meal and for your home. The first is the size of the dishes and the way that you will use them – both in terms of the quantity and variety of food you will be serving, and the size of the table space you have available. We often see homeowners stretching the use of their serving dishes well beyond their limits in order to ensure the table does not become too cramped. If you are worried about space, consider serving different items in different dishes and removing them from the table once everyone has taken what they want – changing your requirement from one large dish to a series of smaller dishes.

The other thing you should consider in finding the perfect Christmas serving dish is the colour and patterning of the dish – and whether you want to opt for something which is one solid colour or which utilises a selection of different colours and tones as part of an ornate pattern. While it can be easy to lean towards the plain solid colour as you heap food into the dish, once the dish has been emptied you may find yourself wishing you had chosen something a little more vibrant to join is as part of the table decoration – making most of the more patterned dishes a lot more popular.

The best serving dishes for Christmas can be found both before and after Christmas, with many homeowners heading to department stores after Christmas to stock up for the following year.

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