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Tree Toppers

When it comes to Christmas, particularly the decorating stage where you gradually fill your home with ornaments and vibrant accessories in order to transform it into a festive wonderland, the topper you place at the tip of the tree is typically regarded as one of the most important parts of the entire process.

We all have our own family traditions, with many taking it in turns to place the tree topper in position – regarding it as the overall finishing touch to a job well done. So, with the tree topper playing such an important role in the process of Christmas decorating and family celebrations, how then do you choose the perfect topper for your own tree – and are you the kind of family who stick with one topper every year, or do you constantly look to refresh and update your decorating style and theme?

The best examples of Christmas tree toppers

This is where design and style comes into play, with many homeowners seeking a tree topper which will bring together their overall decorative theme in a harmonious way. Some of the most popular styles of tree topper which grace the tips of most Christmas trees include stars and angels, though we are seeing these traditional choices being matched in recent years by homemade creations and more modern and often more personality-led ideas – including crystal creations, characters from popular films and tv shows, football branded toppers, and cut out quotes and motifs.

If you decide to stick with the traditional star or angel, your choices are now finite and widespread thanks to the range available across retail stores and gifting stores; including the more standard metallic structures alongside glitter covered shapes, stars in a variety of colours, natural wood structures and many more. Angels likewise can now be found in 3D form and in cut-out 2D form, providing every home with the perfect topper for its own style of tree.

What to consider when looking for the best tree topper

One of the most important things you need to consider or at least understand when you select a Christmas tree topper, is how it attaches and stays in place on the tip of your tree. While most feature a cap which simply sits atop the tree tip, you will need to ensure that this tree tip is strong enough and the right diameter to fit inside the cap – with homeowners often coming to us stating that their tree topper is simply too heavy to fit on the tree and that it causes the tip structure to bend under extreme weight.

Another thing you need to consider is the size of the topper in line with your Christmas tree, with one of our main suggestions being to purchase the tree first in order to ensure you do not end up with the perfect topper in style – which ends up being so large it dominates and steals focus from the entire tree, or so small that it blends in and makes no impact at all. Remember, the tree topper is meant to represent the guiding star in the sky in the Nativity store, and so it really is a key part of the decoration of your home which deserves to draw at least some focus, no matter how busy and vibrant the rest of your tree is.

And finally, consider the height of the tree topper and make sure you can comfortably fit it onto the tip of the tree without it hitting the ceiling!

For the best selection of Christmas tree toppers available, head to department stores and decorative retailers, homeware stores and independent craft stores.

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