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The furniture you fill your home with has the power to transform the appearance of your space – making a small space appear bigger, a bigger space appear more cosy, and providing a tired room with a complete overhaul and revamp. From natural investment pieces through to traditional heirlooms, more affordable spontaneous buys and versatile items, furniture provides the foundation of any decoration style and finish, and should be approached with a number of considerations in mind.

Top considerations when purchasing a piece of furniture

  • What room is this piece going to live in?

  • What other pieces can I buy which will compliment this item of furniture?

  • Will the item fit in the space I have?

  • How will this item of furniture affect the overall style of the room?

  • Is this item useful?

Dressing a modern home with furniture

The beauty of a modern home is that the structure and foundation style tends to be so minimalist and neutral, that most rooms can take on any piece of furniture and somehow make it work. We know our members love to fuse modern pieces with more traditional items – using tradition as more of a statement, for example with a large armchair or an old-worldly table in the middle of a large room.

As a rule, traditional style furniture tends to have more of a dark wood finish and is less likely to be painted – opting for varnish and a sheen over the matt finish of a painted surface. Though you can repurpose traditional items and alter their appearance to suit your home, a modern home can often benefit from a few select items which speak of a different time – providing depth and talking points which dig below the neutral and modern surface.

Aside from these statement pieces which can be found at antique dealers or in department stores who specialise in replica traditional furniture, modern block pieces will compliment the minimalist style of your home – with some of the best purchases available in large department stores and mass market furniture retailers, as well as artisan makers.

Dressing a traditional home with furniture

If the interior of your home is traditional, it is likely that much of the furniture style and decoration will be suitable traditional – with lots of rich colours, dark woods and intricate patterns. For these kinds of homes, a blend of wood and delicately furnished items works best, though we are increasingly seeing modern influences within traditional homes in the form of disguised technology advances and the straight lines we tend to associate with more contemporary styling.

Repurposing my existing furniture to suit a new style

Many of our members ask us how they can revamp – or distress – existing furniture to make it compliment a change in theme or design within their home – calling on DIY expertise and some innovative ways of altering and repurposing old or new pieces to match a chosen style. Sanding a dark wood varnished piece of furniture down will immediately rid it of the dark exterior and reveal more of a natural base beneath – immediately giving it more of a rustic feel than a traditional one. Likewise you can easily distress something which is painted or brand new, by sanding the top layer off to reveal the natural wood beneath – though if you are going to do this, do make sure that the item is made from hard wood rather than the more modern options such as MDF and other materials which are used to supplement real wood.

Adding colour to your room can easily be done by simply recovering existing sofas and other upholstery, meaning you only have to invest in a new cover rather than an entirely new sofa or seat.

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