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Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Work Space

Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Work Space

As working from home continues, it is important to create dedicated areas to separate personal and professional spaces. Creating the perfect working environment has therefore never felt more important. It can take time to adjust to not working in a fully functioning office space and as your home might not be set up to optimize productivity, ufurnish.com are here to inspire you.

Whether you’re looking to utilise your spare space more smartly, explore the ergonomics of office furniture or maintain the work/life balance with additional storage, it is important to design your office with several key elements in mind.  

Read on as we ensure your space is working as hard and efficiently as you are with our top tips for creating the perfect workspace at home...

Give It Some Space

Not everyone has enough room to dedicate to a home office so it is essential to utilise any spare space smartly. Ideally, your desk needs to be both practical and stylish and as it is the staple of any workspace, should be selected carefully and cautiously. Writing desks are great for taking up minimal space whilst multi-functional desks are perfectly equipped to offer many functions in one product including desk space, shelving and storage. For those looking to combat the poor posture, aches and pains which come from sitting at a desk all day, a standing or height adjustable desk will be the ideal solution whilst a secretary desk offers a piece of furniture which do not scream ‘home office’, but rather appears to be something a little more decorative when not in use.

Take A Seat

Although you’re now working from the comfort of your home, you still need to think about the ergonomics of your furniture, for elements such as your posture and eyesight. There are many desk chair options which not only focus on comfort and support, but also factor in style so they look visually appealing within your workspace. It is crucial to invest in a chair which not only helps maintain your posture throughout the day, but is also adjustable to ensure your computer screen is at eye level and your keyboard parallel to your forearms. 

Storage, Storage, Storage

Although home is the new office, it is essential to keep the work/life balance and clearing away at the end of the day keeps those boundaries in place. There are so many storage options available, it is about finding the one that suits you best. If you’re someone who likes a clear workspace then purchase a desk fitted with drawers and enough surface space to hold a paperwork filing tray. If you’re a worker who likes to be able to see everything they need to do, use the walls around you. From post-it notes to cork boards, pin up boards for documents to white boards for your all-important to-do list, there are plenty of storage solutions for your work space which will suit your personal needs.

Let There Be Light

Working from home, we want to be energised with our space and lighting plays a key part in this. Try and keep your desk close to a window so you get the happiness benefits of natural light however if this isn’t possible, a desk lamp can fulfill this purpose, and help with tying a design look together.

Divide and Conquer

Not everyone will have enough space to dedicate to a working environment but using room dividers are the perfect solution to create a separate working space. Essentially, the idea of a room divider is that it provides some form of privacy. They are ideal for transforming small spaces, dividing larger ones and they are perfect for concealing clutter. Room dividers include cabinet style dividers, bookcases, plant walls, geometric shapes, plain wooden slats and TV units and with their diverse structures and styles, make them ideal for creating the perfect workspace at home.


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