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Garden Chairs & Seating

Spending time in the garden can be anything from activity based to relaxing. Whether you like to spend your time planting and gardening, sunbathing with a good book, or napping in the shade, an investment in good seating for your garden is key to creating an appealing and welcoming space, to be enjoyed by both you and your guests. One of the things our members love about garden seating and the variety of garden chairs available on the market is the huge range of styles now available across multiple retailers – offering everything from lounger chairs to cushioned beanbags and full dining sets with matching seats.

The best garden chairs and seating for relaxing

Often, the best time to relax in the garden is during the height of summer, when the sun is out and you have time to relax without additional commitments. While many of our members like to indulge in a little me-time in the garden, opting for individual garden chairs that optimise on space and comfort, others opt to enjoy time in the garden with family and friends, requiring larger seating areas or sofa seats. When it comes to relaxing, uniting comfort and style is our go-to for garden furniture, with most of the best chairs available combining a stylish frame with comfortable and removable padded seats and cushions. Investing in a lounger chair is one of the most premium purchases when it comes to relaxing garden seating, taking the item from a seated position to a lying position easily and quickly.

The best garden chairs and seating for outdoor entertaining

Outdoor entertaining generally means one thing – more guests and more seats to fill. If you like to host regular parties or often have groups of friends and family enjoying the garden together, seating sets and garden sofas are one great way to ensure you always have enough space for everyone to be comfortable. TOP TIP: If you’re hosting a one-off large event, consider thinking outside the box and extending your garden seating options to include bean bags, padded mats and picnic blankets. All of these allow for more seating options that take up less space and can house more than one individual at a time – plus they are super easy to tidy away when the party is over!

Where to find the best garden chairs and seating

Sourcing the best garden seating can often mean considering both your budget and your space availability. For those who are dressing their garden with a specific style or theme to suit the inside of their home, high street retailers and department stores are the most likely retail options to suit specific styling, with their various collections and complimentary pieces to fit together. If you’re creating more of an eclectic style, or are looking for some more basic and simple items, garden furniture stores are a great place to start – often stocking natural materials and basic structures which are reliable and affordable – and can be dressed as you wish with additional accessories.

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