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The pinnacle of any living room or sitting room is generally the sofa – though the design features and practical functions vary between households. Arguably one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in any given house, the sofa is often the most popular seat in the house; offering comfort to more than one individual at any given time, and often the place where families will watch movies, have heart to hearts, laugh and cry. The sofa is the heart of any home. When it comes to sofa beds, however, these are a little less popular – though no less useful to those who own them. We know that many of our members own sofa beds primarily for the versatility they offer in providing extra bed space for guests; turning a comfortable seating area into a spare bed quickly and easily.

Comfort Vs. Style – the big sofa decision

While many of our members will create a focal living area which includes a sofa, coffee table and television; others opt for more of a formal setting, made up merely of sofas and armchairs – and this setting can often affect the balance between comfort and style. For those who see their sofa as a place to lounge and watch television, comfort is top of the list. Though appearance is important in terms of the design of the room, everything from back height to seat depth, softness and fabric will be assessed in selecting the perfect sofa – with extra consideration going into the best colour and texture to suit their lifestyle. Style, on the other hand, is most often associated with those sofas which live in more formal living spaces – and in some cases, in what we call “drawing rooms”. From antique designs to intricate wood finishes, multi-textured fabric coverings and pale finishes, buyers can find a wide range of stylish sofas on the market, whether they want their sofa to blend in with the surroundings or else stand out as a focal point in the room. TOP TIP: Often we get asked by our members what they can do with a sofa that is super comfortable but doesn’t quite match their décor or surroundings. One way to combat this is to have your sofa re-covered – a service available through dedicated companies who provide covers for chairs and sofas, though usually at quite a high cost. In the meantime, or for those on a budget, consider purchasing a throw or blanket in your desired colour, and simply draping it over the sofa. Not only will this alter its immediate appearance but will also provide an extra warm layer for those chilly evenings!

Things to look out for if you choose to buy a sofa bed

When it comes to deciding whether you need a sofa as well as a sofa bed, the first thing to consider is the space available and your budget. Many households will only have the space or the budget for one, and so in this case, a sofa bed is an excellent way to ensure a comfortable seating area as well as a spare bed for any guest arrivals. There are, however, restrictions. When it comes to selecting a sofa bed, it is worth being aware from the start of your search that the design choices are far more limited than those available as pure sofas. After all, a sofa bed essentially conceals an entire bed within its frame, so if you are looking for a delicately framed sofa for your living space then you won’t find a sofa bed suitable. On delving into the options available through standard high street and furniture retailers, it appears as if the colour spectrum of sofa beds is also more limited, with these tending to come in a range of more neutral colours than plain sofas. This can however be easily rectified with the addition of a few colourful cushions or throws, to tie the design of the sofa bed in with the rest of the room. In terms of comfort, sofa beds are up there with some of the most comfortable sofas – primarily because they are built to sleep on as well as sit on, and so their cushioning tends to be extra padded and soft. This will of course depend on price point as much as anything else however, and we would always recommend to our members that a few extra cushions can make a world of difference on a sofa.

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