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A bear with a sore tooth has nothing on a person who had a terrible night’s sleep. Good sleep contributes heavily to your health, your happiness and your energy levels. A mattress is an integral part of how you sleep, how many times have we all come back in knots having slept on a sofa at a friend’s house or the dreaded uncomfortable futon? No matter the number, the answer is too many. Mattresses are absolutely central to your well-being and few objects in the world can have a more consistent effect on your mood and health. We spend almost half of our lives in bed, think of how much more that is than any settee, dining chair or lounger. If your mattress has been a faithful friend but has come to the end of its life or if you’re waking up with aches and pains every morning, then you need to trade up for something that will support you better as you visit the land of nod. Mattresses are a significant investment so it makes sense to know your options before you leap. If you are opting for a sprung mattress there are a few major types to consider. A pocket spring mattress contains small springs that are contained within enclosed pockets of fabric and each spring moves in a way that is isolated from the others. These are slightly more supportive than an open spring mattress but for a child’s mattress or one that receives less heavy use, an open spring mattress might be a better choice because they are light and cheaper to replace regularly. Sprung mattresses can also allow more air circulation than a memory foam mattress which can help keep you cool in the hotter months. Memory foam mattresses are another enormously popular option and you can buy them in several formats. Some will even solve the problem of getting the mattress up the stairs for you by arriving packed in a smaller box which the mattress expands out of like a comfortable jack in the box. These can be a quicker and easier option. You can receive one in the afternoon and have it ready by bedtime. Memory foam mattresses are particularly good for shaping themselves around your body and relieving pressure on particular areas of the body. They are particularly good for sufferers from chronic back pain or pain in the joints. A feature of most memory foam mattresses is the feeling of sinking into the mattress and whilst this is heaven to many sleepers, others are less keen. Consider whether you like to be enveloped when you make your mattress choice. Latex foam is another comfortable type of foam mattress. They are a first choice for those with asthma or dust allergies, with less capacity for pollen, dust or animal hair to get lodged in the mattress they are a kind choice for those who suffer from any allergy issues. They are typically relatively firm at first although they gradually mould to your body over time. If you like the sound of one of these types of mattress then you may like to consider a hybrid. Some mattresses are a hybrid of different types of foam or a large layer of foam with some springs underneath. You can get some of the best mattresses with the benefits of each style and hit on a great combination for you. Choose your size, consider your sleep needs and how you are going to manoeuvre your mattress into place. You’ll have your answer and a good night's sleep to tackle whatever the world throws at you.

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